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ETF Trade Alerts

Enhance your ETF trading edge and Gain Timely exposure to Pure-Play Investments in Targeted Sectors & Asset classes!
The alerts are based on technical analysis that identifies patterns in the markets. Subscribers receive timely trading ideas, complete with in-depth analysis for each trade. The alerts are distributed as market opportunities arise.

Email alerts
Frequency: depending on market opportunities
Language: English

Der Warrant Brief

Der warrant Brief provides foreacasting views on the DAX, EUR/USD, german stocks, and a selection of warrants to take advantage of the trend whether it is bullish or bearish.

Email newsletter - morning briefing
Frequency: daily
Language: German

Trend Apertura

Trend Apertura is available before the market opens. Get every morning an anticipation of the trend of the day. You will receive technical analysis and trade ideas on FTSE MIB, Italian and foreign stocks, indices, exchange rates and raw materials.

Email newsletter - morning briefing
Frequency: daily
Language: Italian

Australian Warrant Trader

The Australian Warrants Trader program consists of two newsletters:
Weekly Outlook: sent on Monday morning Weekly Outlook provides directional opinions on ASX200 and Aussie Dollar
Technical Highlight: a share alert sent during the week based on a high conviction technical opportunity
Both newsletters provide a selection of Warrants and Minis listed on the ASX best suited to play the expected price moves.
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Frequency: weekly + one alert per week
Language: English

Daily Technical Brief

Receive each morning an update of the Technical Analysis of 4 Forex pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD

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Frequency: daily
Language: Simplified Chinese


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